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The Light Phone II

The Light Phone II

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The Light Phone was founded in 2014, and has continuously improved to be one of, if not the most compelling device to get off your smartphone. 

Features: Talk, text, directions (maps), podcasts, music, calculator, alarm, notes, hotspot/tethering, voice memo recording, calendar and absolutely no social media or browser.

Included: Charging cable (usb to micro usb), owner's manual plus activation to your Light Dashboard online, and two dumbwireless stickers. Case/Screen Protectors sold separately. 

Carriers include : T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and MVNO networks within those such as Mint Mobile. The Light Phone also has their own service plan on the AT&T Network! Plans are either $30 or $70 per month depending on data usage.

At this time we only carry the North American Version.

Our Notes: The Light Phone II strongly differentiates itself from others with their Light Dashboard for your computer. It's an easy-to-access place to manage your phone and its contents, such as music and podcasts if you so choose to have them. Podcasts sync daily on the phone as well as having compatibility with RSS feeds. The Light Phone II has its own operating system with over-the-air updates for improvements when released. The screen is an e-reader screen in black and white with settings that can be inverted either color way. Overall it has a very well built operating system, beautifully design, and is always improving. We are very proud to carry this phone.


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