About Us

Moving away from your smartphone after years of use (and reliance on certain conveniences) can be confusing: sifting through an overwhelming amount of options, comparing wireless service compatibility, deciding which features to part with... Such questions can be hard to research online. Through trial and error, we found a distraction free phone that suits our basic needs, and the resulting lifestyle change was so freeing, we wanted to share that experience!

With time we became extremely interested in these simple phones and wanted to share our knowledge with others. We decided to make a one stop shop for the world's best non-smart phones with customer service to help people make the switch. Our hope is to showcase these solutions and take action in bringing ourselves and others back to using technology in a way that doesn’t hold us captive to our screens. 

We have seen firsthand how freeing making the switch can be, and we want to see more people break free of their technology dependency. We're here to guide you through the switch!


Will and Daisy